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You probably recall the first Lululemon item you purchased, and it’s quite likely that you still wear it today. That’s one of the reasons we hold this brand in high regard – their products are built to last. Whether you’re shopping for a sweatshirt or a pair of socks, you can expect to have them in your wardrobe for a decade or more, making any Lululemon purchase a wise investment. Today, our focus is on one of Lululemon’s most iconic product categories: pants.

Lululemon offers a diverse range of pants, including joggers, trousers, and hybrid styles, suitable for a wide array of occasions. The challenge often lies in navigating this variety, understanding the purpose of each style, and ultimately selecting the one that suits your specific needs. That’s where we come in. We’ve dissected the options, considering materials and features designed for various uses, to make the decision-making process easier for you. We’ve handpicked our favorite styles that encompass a range of choices, from pull-on options to carpenter-inspired designs, and even relaxed fit pairs suitable for the office. Once you start wearing Lululemon pants, you’ll find it hard to stop.

ABC Relaxed-Fit Trouser

Lululemon ABC Relaxed-Fit Trouser

It’s no surprise that the brand’s ABC pants have earned their spot on this list. What we truly adore about these pants is their remarkable versatility. Whether it’s a workday or a weekend adventure, these beloved trousers are up for any task, showcasing their ability to handle a wide range of activities. Crafted from Warpstreme fabric, they offer both breathability and flexibility, providing a lightweight feel and unrestricted movement. The fabric’s construction also minimizes the risk of snags, making them perfect for your daily commute. Thanks to their wrinkle-resistant nature, you can head straight to the office while still maintaining a polished appearance. And don’t even get us started on their exceptional comfort.


Lululemon Waterproof Rail Shell Pants


Whether you’re preparing for an off-the-grid adventure or simply braving a relentless downpour to get to the gym, Lululemon’s sleek shell pants are well-suited for the task. Crafted from the brand’s all-weather Glyde fabric, these pants come with an array of practical features, such as taped-seam pockets and a built-in belt, ensuring they’re ready to safeguard your valuables, like your phone and wallet, from the wrath of Mother Nature. According to our intrepid tester, they might also be the most stylish option in the selection. This is primarily because they don’t attempt to mimic office attire but instead embrace Lululemon’s heritage in performance clothing. Given their tech-savvy credentials, they pair best with footwear that complements their energetic spirit,


City Sweat Jogger

Lululemon City Sweat Jogger

For a more laid-back appearance, you can’t go amiss with a pair of Lululemon’s cherished joggers. While we’ve previously delved into their features, here’s a brief recap of why we endorse them so wholeheartedly. These joggers exemplify the art of perfecting the essentials. The fabric is designed to wick away sweat and offer stretchiness, ensuring your legs stay comfortable as you move. With a tailored fit that provides ample room for your thighs while tapering at the ankle for a refined look, they strike the perfect balance. Side pockets contain a hidden phone sleeve, and an inconspicuous back pocket adds an extra touch of convenience. Whether you’re donning them for your next workout or simply lounging at home, you’re in for a experience of pure comfort.

Utilitech Carpenter Pant

Lululemon Utilitech Carpenter Pant

If you favor an ergonomic design, you might prefer the Utilitech Carpenter Pant. With a four-way stretch fabric and abrasion-resistance, you can work hard and look good in this pair. The roomy fit slightly tapers from the knee to the hem so that they don’t appear too baggy. Side, thigh, and back pockets ensure ample storage opportunities. Darts add a utilitarian look, and elements of ventilation create ultimate functionality.

Utilitech Pull-On Relaxed-Fit Pant

Lululemon Utilitech Pull-On Relaxed-Fit Pant

When it comes to everyday activity pants, this pull-on pair reigns supreme. Its straight silhouette offers a structured appearance while providing relaxed comfort with its flexible fabric. The devil’s in the details for this style. Strategically placed vents create a refreshing breeze, and zippered back pockets ensure secure storage. The canvas-like material guarantees exceptional durability, warding off wear and tear. And let’s not even get started on how much easier it is to slip into a pull-on style.

The pants trend is undeniably booming in 2023, and every reputable retailer is offering an array of oversized khakis. Lululemon is no exception in this regard, but that’s where the similarities end. While other brands explore their archives or draw inspiration from vintage silhouettes, our yoga-loving friends take a bold departure, enhancing their relaxed-fit pants with zip-fastened pockets and a forgiving elastic waistband. Instead of conventional cotton, Lululemon utilizes their proprietary Utilitech fabric—a surprisingly soft and deceptively durable poly-blend, not necessarily ideal for spin class but suitable for just about everything else. (Our tester was quick to note the paneled gusset in the crotch area for extra airflow where it matters most.) However, the standout feature here is the pleasing cropped leg, providing the perfect finish to showcase your fresh sneakers.

Lululemon new venture pants

$148 $109 LULULEMON

Lululemon new venture pants

$148 $109 LULULEMON

If, in a moment of monk-like austerity, you resolved to declutter your wardrobe of all your pants, leaving only one, the resulting choice might closely resemble these. Lululemon’s New Venture pants excel in every aspect scrutinized by our wear-tester: fit, fabric, and their ability to endure an impromptu jog to catch the train. Their comfortably wearable, slightly tapered fit strikes a balance between slim and baggy, making a deliberate departure from current trends dominating the fashion landscape. At first glance, they may appear like your typical chinos, but their hidden internal drawcord (conveniently stashable behind the waistband) and the water-repellent twill they’re crafted from ensure you stay both stylish and dry long after your workday ends. If there’s a pair of pants that can convert you to the Lululemon way of life, these are likely it.

Surge Hybrid Pant

Lululemon Surge Hybrid Pant

Now it’s time to talk about the pair that’s going to optimize your workouts. These running pants are the style that all athletes should have in their closets. They are designed to keep you warm in the cold, but you won’t overheat because of the sweat-wicking and quick-drying lightweight material. Zippered pockets keep your belongings safe as you move, and the waistband won’t dig in. And Lulu went one step further in adding reflective details to keep you visible at night.